Friday, February 2, 2018

3 Vital Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

Investing in a website is one of the fastest growing business aspects of the current era. This is simply because of the convenience and efficacy of web pages or websites. Unfortunately, many of the business or project owners lack an accurate approach to making vital decisions regarding their websites. And therefore, many of the business owners are appendages and lack a developed array of the necessary attributes of their websites incorporated in their websites to match their clients.

As a leading Web Designing Company in Ludhiana, it is advisable to take appropriate time before making various decisions regarding your website. It is not recommended to generally follow the web designer’s instructions as what may seem best to him and you may not be right for your clients and would-be customers.

Upon meeting any website developer or designer, try to pose various questions some of which may include;

1. How Professional is your Team?

Developing and designing websites require a portfolio of well-trained and an experienced team to bring about efficacy. It is also necessary for you to understand whether the web developers are outsourced or are generally full-time employees in the company.

This will help you know the type of web development team you are certainly dealing with.  

2. What and where are the sample projects in the past?

It is necessary for you to take a review of the formerly developed websites by the same web developer. How interesting would it be to choose a web developer who formerly worked on leading business or companies?.

This will assure you that the web development team is professional, experienced, and qualified for your project.

3. What is the possible client Usability & Flexibility?

Any possible website design must surpass customer expectations, meaning that, consider a website that won’t trigger user difficulty on your clients. In addition, can this website facilitate various changes at any time and what is the would-be cost?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is Important and Which Web Development Companies are Providing it

AMP which is also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages is the markup language which is introduced on October 7, 2015. Every search engine supports it because it provides the fastest results in mobile and it helps to take only 2-3 seconds for a heavy website to load. This is the revolution in mobile search rankings. After the release of this All the major websites changing their simple HTML with AMP markup. Major search engines announce the website who will have AMP markup in their website will rank first then other responsive mobile friendly websites. From that Day to this day lot of website accepted AMP markup and new webmaster is creating new websites in this markup.

India is an ocean of IT companies every In India there are hundreds of IT companies open and Still, there are only some companies who are ranking first because of their advanced techniques and high-class service. Flymedia Technology is one of them It is Ludhiana-based Web Development Company who provided the latest website with latest design structure and languages.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Important Website Designing Tips

A website is one of the most crucial ways to earn more money. And in the website, Website designing plays the most important part. If you make informative and simple web design then this is very helpful to build your business reputation and attract more users to your website. Here some important web designing tips that every website should follow.

Fast loading website design

This is one of the main steps that every designer should follow. You should make a fantastic website design but mostly people want fast loading website and your site doesn't take more than 8 seconds to load.

Clear navigation

A website must have clear navigation so that the user feel comfortable in navigating and searching the options 

Browser compatibility

It is very important that your websites are browser compatibility. Your website will be open on any web browser such as Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and many others etc. If your website is browser compatible then your business is increasing day by day and many visitors visit your website.

Use large font size

This is very important to use large font size. You should use 18 font size minimum.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Is Pay-Per-Click Marketing Right For You?

PPC is also known as pay per click. This is one of the most popular and successful forms of advertising. PPC is one of the best tools with the help of using this tool you can easily promote your business in the online world. This process is very famous in all over the world because its work is very simple anyone can easily learn all procedure at very less time. In this PPC there are many platforms but the most popular platform are Google ad words and Bing ads. In short, term, if you run your add and how much will you pay it totally depends on how many visitors clicked on your add.
PPC for small businesses

PPC is very helpful for small scale businesses. You can easily gain more profit through PPC. This is one of the best online tools that is very helpful to generate
profit faster as compared to others online promotions methods and also very helpful to grow up your business easily. Pay per click marketing is good for
everyone like:

•  searchers
• advertisers
•  search engines 

Is Pay-Per-Click Marketing Right for You?


Marketing is the right way to grow up your small business and earn more money easily. Pay Per Click advertising offer unique opportunity to:

 Generate lead at the low cost

Pay perClick advertising allows you to generate lead at very low cost. Most of the visitors visit your site because this is very effective and easy process.

Grow your customer base

As most of the customer wants to find the products and services so if we will fulfill your customer's requirements and provide the best products then you can earn more profits and grow up business in very less time.

PPC company in Punjab is the best procedure and best way to earn more money and promote business

Monday, December 12, 2016

4 Tips to Hire a Great Web Developer

The hiring of a webs developer can be your most critical step because he is the only person that will create the front face of your business and allow your customers to interact with it.

Therefore, it is very important to find out the best and right talent for your business. Otherwise, you can face the risk and the time and money that you can spend can be considered as wastage.

Here are five tips that can help you in the selection of the great web developer:

•    First hire for DNA first, then for work experience

Always go for the DNA first, while experience is also important but the larger predictor of the success is his innate DNA. Think twice that whether he will fit for you? Normally the developers working in larger companies are not the best starters because they are lack of versatility, adaptability, risk-taking and a self-starter personality which are essential for the startup.

•    Try with new developer starting with small project

When you have chosen your ideal developer, then you should start with small or some non-critical project. This will allow you to observe his actions towards your projects. You can check out his efficiency to deliver products. Conclude your decision on the basis of his creativity and how perfect he was in communicating the problems.

•    Do not pick a developer with a particular skill, prefer with aptitude

It is always better to hire a developer who can learn the technology very easily rather than he must have the knowledge for some specific technology. You can ask following questions about what programming languages he have learned recently or what are his favorite technology conferences.

•    Hire slow, Fire fast

It’s good that you are taking your time to hire a person but if whenever you found that he is not working properly, fire him as fast as you can. An inefficient web developer can disturb your all teamwork and hence entire project.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What Google wants to hear about Link-Building for SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not the thing that needs the knowledge to focus only on ranking algorithm but is it also requires a significant attention. If the strategies are not implemented in a proper way then it can also end up your ideas rather than provide more benefits.

One of the vulnerable tactics to this is the link-building strategy where the building of too many bad links or doing manipulative practices can make you the victim in from of Google or you can get a Google penalty.
But however, the link-building process is the highest best-related factor that is related to search engines. In order to get the high ranking, you have to get good links in the high range.

For links, you can two options i.e. either you can hope or pray that people could link to your content or you can get links yourself.

Google in a nutshell:
There are basically two algorithms that are involved in evaluating the ranking procedure: relevance and authority. Relevance measures the degree that how the website is appropriate to the user’s query whereas authority measures the degree that how much the site trustworthy is.

Page and Domain Authority:
Authority is divided into two categories: domain authority and page authority. Domain authority measures the ranking of the whole website and page authority goes with the ranking of the particular page.

The Link Factor:
Link factor is all about passing the link from one website to another. Take an example that if you point a link to your latest blog post then the authority will be given to both i.e. the page and the domain.

So you need to build links in a natural way rather than with manipulative practices in order to avoid Google’s penalty. But if you go with best SEO Company in India then you can get best practices for your website.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Why Mobile Apps are Better Than Mobile Websites

As we know, there is the great demand for Mobile application development in the market. in India, there are a number of users wants to open any application in your mobile phone rather than the desktop that’s why the mobile application is very popular. 

Reasons Why Mobile Apps are Better Than Mobile Websites.

Ease of Sending Notifications

this is the first main and most important points ease of sending the notification. In this, you can easily send the notification with our any problem while sitting anywhere. There are two types of notification push and in apps notifications. Both the notifications type is really exciting choices with apps users. 

Making Use of Mobile Device Features

Mobile application uses various Mobile Device Features such as cameras, contacts, GPS, phone calls. You can do any work with the help of Mobile application.

Ability to Work Offline

In this, there is the huge difference between the mobile websites and the mobile applications. Basically mobile require internet connectivity to perform various tasks but you can do some basic tasks in offline modes.

Users Spend More Time on Apps

This is the another important reasons why Mobile Apps are Better than mobile websites. Around 86% users using mobile apps and only 14% users use mobile websites. The average time of users is increasing day by day. In 2015 around 15% of users increasing and using mobile apps regularly. 

Apps Can Work Faster Than Websites

Mobile apps can work faster than websites. If you designed a good structure mobile apps are can perform all the functionality very quickly as compared to websites that’s why mobile application development in India is better as compared to mobile Websites.