Friday, September 18, 2015

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With CNW, we strive to create an intelligent solution, purified and instantly accessible for journalists and other audiences of our releases. We know how important it is to stay abreast of information and by developing clear and versatile options, we help you get what you need when you want, and while following the changing media landscape.
"We are constantly adapting and expanding the scope of use of our solutions," said Don Trynor, Director, Product Management, CNW Group. "Get exactly the content you need, when you want and wherever you are, that's the advantage we have the satisfaction to provide members of the media and the financial community, as well as consumer audiences that interact with the content of our customers. " Flymedia Technology

Journalists, investors and analysts simultaneously receive important news disseminated through the exclusive CNW newswire, which feeds directly into the editing systems or trading terminals in their workplaces.
Journalists can also register for PR Newswire for Journalists, online resource center available to members of the media and that includes access to new son PR Newswire (international content) and CNW (Canadian content), creation customized email through mailing lists to receive only the desired content, the blog on media Beyond Bylines and the ProfNet service, which allows journalists seeking contacts to get in touch with industry specialists.
CNW new widgets can be placed on any web page to provide a continuous flow of releases of securities that are extracted from the complete news feed based on various filters, such as the business sector, theme or geographic region.
However, what drives us to innovate on our mobile platforms is the new cycle of reality today: the information being broadcast continuously and without interruption, so it becomes necessary to be able to access and spread on a range of devices. While according to forecasts, the penetration of smart phones is expected to reach 56% in the Canadian market by the end of the year1 and mobile data traffic associated with these devices is expected to grow 43% annually until in 2019.2 we have devoted ourselves to enhance our mobile capabilities. Whether with an iPhone or Android device, CNW's audiences can be assured they will get the news they need, when they want, and they never missed anything when they are not at their desks. Here are two ways to access the press CNW when you're traveling:

The public website CNW at was updated by an adaptive design that makes navigation on mobile or desktop applications. The new design features the multimedia content, which is organized and prepared daily on topical issues and news releases in the news.
Bilingual mobile app CNW is now available on iOS and Android platforms, making it accessible to a wider audience. Get full access to the CNW news wire, as well as sharing functions, bookmarking and video playback, while having the ability to target industries and organizations that you are monitoring. The CNW app also provides access to our blog Farther than the wire for communications professionals.
CNW is committed to moving forward by following the evolution of modes of communication with audiences and taking into account the new ways to interact with content. We invite you to explore these distribution options to find the ones that are best suited to your needs, no matter where you are.
CNW Group Ltd. (a PR Newswire company) makes mention of its customers online and in the news. We distribute press releases and multimedia content quality and authenticated, the right way and the right people, in order to comply with the disclosure requirements, optimize the visibility and engagement, and generate more opportunities Media acquired. CNW Group also offers professional services video production, photography and web distribution, translation, regulatory filing and printing, as well as platforms to monitor the content and measure performance.
Download our User Guide Achieve your goals with CNW communications to learn more about how CNW can help your company achieve its communication objectives.

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