Friday, September 18, 2015

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The brand has just launched a new version of its website. It offers many new features, more or less. It is especially adaptable to mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. An essential feature today to meet the needs of users who are still more likely to browse on their smartphone.

To meet the requirements of the mobile web, this new version of Flower Garden site offers a simplified interface, ergonomics adapted for small screens and optimized navigation to order and take delivery of flowers in a few clicks. Geolocation provides extra comfort to reserve a bouquet withdraw it at 2:00 in the nearest store. Click and collect This service is offered. No time to move? The brand also offers express delivery service 4h.  Flymedia Technology

Benedict Ganem, President of the Garden of Flowers, is categorical: "Digitizing is a way to convert our sales to our stores." Also, this overhaul should directly benefit the franchise network thanks to geolocation functions, yet it. Geolocation is a popular service smartphone owners, it allows them to quickly locate the nearest store and calculate the route to get there. For network of florists that translates into an increase in store traffic.

But Benedict Ganem, this digital update is part of a much broader strategy: "Our business is the distribution first, we rely on this physical relationship, to become MULTIOMNICANAL, especially with the Click and Collect, which allows increase customer orders pro flowers and particularly to the points of ventesUne week earlier, a mother of 55, Kyi Tashi, had herself on fire to protest against the Chinese authorities. She died the next day. In her village in Sangchu district houses had been razed by the authorities for administrative matters. Since 2012, ten people have immolated in the same district, including his nephew Sangay Tashi this summer. According to the nongovernmental organization Save Tibet, at least 143 people have set themselves on fire since 2009, and seven in 2015. "This was immolation as a protest against the acts and brutality of the Chinese government," Sangay's brother insisted, Jamyang Jinpa, in an open letter published early September.

At the ceremony on September 8 before the Potala Palace, the former residence of the Dalai Lama in Lhasa, capital of the region, the authorities recalled that the fourteenth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, was still considered a "terrorist" by Beijing. "Tibet has entered a new phase of lasting stability since all ethnic groups fought together separatism, thus managing to foil attempts by the Dalai clique and hostile international forces," said Yu Zhengsheng, member of Politburo at the ceremony, before distributing gifts, including electric mixer used to mix the tea with yak butter.
lives a normal life" and "do wish to be disturbed. " Three days after his appointment as the reincarnation of the second Chinese spiritual leader, the boy, then aged 6, had disappeared with his family and Beijing had chosen another child to ensure the function of the Panchen Lama, the most important religious position after Dalai Lama.

But the authorities have not said where the young man and his family were, regretted Matteo Meccaci, president of the International Campaign for Tibet group, based in Washington. "Until that happens, the case of the Panchen remains an enforced disappearance in the eyes of international law," said Matteo Meccaci Ucanews to the Catholic news agency.

In the same document, the Chinese authorities Gendun Choekyi Nyima ensure that continued his studies and his parents became servants. "That may be true, but if it does, it leaves open many questions about the fate of this family, and how their silence was maintained," said Alistair Currie, spokesperson NGO Free Tibet, based in London.

After selecting another child of the same age to become Panchen, China had assured to follow a tradition dating back to the Qing Dynasty, according to which Beijing has the final say in the choice of Tibetan spiritual leaders. Appointed Vice President of the Buddhist Association of China, and member of the National Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Committee, the Panchen Beijing no longer only rare public appearances.

The appointment of Buddhist leaders is a particularly sensitive issue for Beijing. The authorities estimate that by choosing leaders who are favorable, they can easily control the faithful. The process that led to the appointment of two Panchen Lamas competitors could well prefigure what might happen to the death of the fourteenth Dalai Lama, who turned 80 years old this summer.

Shortly before his birthday, the Dalai Lama said he might not be reincarnated. He has already given political power to a prime minister of the exile community in 2001, has taken the lead this time to prevent Beijing to choose his successor complacent. "If the situation in Tibet remains the same, I shall be born outside Tibet, out of control of the Chinese authorities. That makes sense: the purpose of reincarnation is to continue the ongoing work of the previous incarnation, "he said in an interview published on its website.

This theological spin put the Chinese authorities officially atheistic and anti-religious in the position of defending the principle of reincarnation! A surreal dispatch from the official news agency Xinhua and tells the story of reincarnation and gave the floor to "experts" Buddhists who defend it, even if the final demonstration is to emphasize that, for centuries, c ' Beijing is presiding over the choice of the spiritual and political leader of Tibetans.
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