Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Android 6 Operating System and Specifications

Android is the one thing that perhaps now days are the most important necessity for all of us. Today we all know what Android is, it’s what makes our android enabled devices run. But, you might be amazed to know that when one speaks about Android there are three conceptions that come to the minds of people who know a different face of Android.  The three faces are:

The Open Face
The open face is what Google gave us. Google is the maintainer behind the open source operating system that we all know as the Android. It is here that all important and low level necessities takes place that right from the middle ware that is used in powering the android. Google gives away the software to anyone who wants to build a new android device

The Android we all know
As you are reading this your android phone might be sitting ideally in front of you and you still might not knowing what a brilliant brain it has. And you might not know that apart from the android open source platform the devices use a little bit extra. No matter which company device you have they use a bit extra and that is not available for free.

      The Device in our hands
 For many an android is the name of the device we have and the company name is name of the manufacturer. Only those who are keenly interested shall be knowing the name of the device say it’s a Samsung galaxy so and so or   a blackberry so and so.And Android comes in versions. FlymediaTech which is a grooming company in India working on latest  version Android applications development Mobile The latest version is Android 6 or Marshmallow.Android 6 is going to bring a lot of revolution to your android experience that you have had so far.The new features will include:

Main Specifications in Android Marshmallow :- 

Doze:  Doze can perhaps be titles the big thing from marshmallow. This feature will notice on its own when your device is idle and shall go into a hibernation sort of sleep that will allow you to receive or make a call or allow your alarm to work but, put all apps to sleep.  Other android devices are known to lose more than 15%-25% of battery during the night while Android 6 will bring this down to merely 3%-4%.

App Standby: App Standby is an app that will take into its care all the apps that are not used frequently or are seldom used and make sure they do not use the battery in the background.  This will help in stopping apps from using data in the background and sync on their own preserving the precious battery that you need.

Type c and Reverse Charging: No more need to find your data cable or charger in the dark as the USB-Type C cable is here. USB Type C cable is a reverse charging cable that will take care of your charging issues for ever. 

Micro SD Card: Google had made it clear that micro SD cards are not safe for the device hence, had decided not to use them in future but, thanks to the battle for the usage of SD cards that Google has decided to bring the micro SD card back into usage.

Internal Storage: The internal storage and file manger will be having a new look and called Explorer.

RAM:  Till date Ram was a chip that was considered to be used only in the operating of the android and had no use for the owner of the device. All this changes now as Google is going to provide Ram with its own settings making it customizable.

App Permission: Now even on Android Apps will ask permission for the first time it access the internet.

Fingerprint API: Android 6 will support the fingerprint API feature as well.

App Backup: Your android 6 will support not just app backup but, full data backup as well. So whenever you restore your app, all your vital data will be there.

Network Security Reset: With this feature you can reset all the passwords you use on the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular data.

Monthly Security Patch: Google will provide monthly security patch so now you will not have to fear any stage fright fear.

Encryption: Encryption is back with a bang in marshmallow.

Device made for work: Now you can use the same device for home and work as now you can handle notifications, security, access, VPV and storage.

Smart Lock: The feature smart lock has been around for a while but, now Android 6 is bringing it up front.

The android 6 may not be a big leap into the android world but, it is definitely something to wait and want. Now the android is not just a beautiful looking screen but it offers you much more than that. More battery more features, after all that’s what everyone wants form a new version-MORE. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ziffi.com raises Rs 15 crore from Orios Venture Partners

 Ziffi.com is a Mumbai based startup evolves online bookings for doctor’s appointments, beauty salons and for various health tests. It covers over approximately 15,000 doctors and various diagnostic centers for health tests and near about 1,000 salons, and has till date booked of appointmentments over 250,000. DocSuggest becomes Ziffi.com, raises Rs 15 Crore in series a funding from Orios Venture Partners. It operates in the four cities in Delhi, Banglore, Hyderabad and salon bookings in Mumbai only. It has a team of 40 associates who works on this and gives benefits to the clients and make convenient for them.

It was founded in 2010 by IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur alumni Anshuman Pandey, Shantanu Jha and Pushkar Soni. Earlier Ziffi was only emphasis on clinics and doctor appointments; it has also recently intimidated into salons and spas to cover the scale of wellness services.

Ziffi said in the coming 12-18 months there focus will be on enlarging further in the four cities which they are in present. They will set a target of getting 50 percent of the service providers on board the platform. This statement added by Shantanu Jha about expanding his coverage of work. Jha is an IIT Bombay graduate who earlier worked in IT services company Computer Associates. Clinic by choice is also a site like ziffi by Flymedia technology a website development company in India Here all india doctors listed in clinicbychoice.  

He said “The direction we are taking now is to cover the whole wellness and personal care segment as compared to just booking doctor appointments. Ziffi derives from the word “jiffy” , which means in fraction of second and it made sense to rebrand ourselves”.

Ziffi now currently right demanded to have 1.2 million users and accumulates near about 7,000 to 10,000 users in every month. The service offers free to the patients and it take charges a fixed amount to the service provider for each booked query appointment. So clinic by choice is also a same theme eg:- If you want to search Hair Transplant in Mumbai then clinic by choice show you a list of clinics of hair transplant in Mumbai side. 

The Managing Partner of Orios Venture Partner  Khan  who has  earlier invested in several startups, including Olacabs, Reach Accountant said , we approximate guess that there are presently 3 million people at the technology approval cycle in India and ready to use the service and by 2020 this will  wonderfully close to the 100 million of people. Further more, Khan said, his newly set up allocate fund is looking at making more investments He also said  "Internet is the new industrial revolution, and so everything is moving to the internet. If you had to earlier make bookings, you had to make calls, but now it is so much easier "Now that we have launched the fund we hope to be quite active. We are constantly looking at good opportunities. You will hear more from us soon. Our fund investors have asked us to become very active, and this is a very opportune time to do that”.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Latest Mobile App Development Trends

It really going to be right when say that mobile apps technology is growing very rapidly and they become the integral part of the whole digital network. Whether it is about our favourite flavours or food or shopping, investing or saving money and all the daily routine work on online with the Smartphone right? Now, in these days everyone has same with this. Our mobile device is our true friend when in need and it follows very crucial role to become very convenient of our daily routine tasks. All the apps are proceeding to make universal presence. It gives us all up-to date information and staying updated with the latest trends of various app developments. Best Mobile apps development in India progressing and become popular now in our everyday life tasks.

Let’s visualize some latest trends on mobile apps development in the mobile apps market :

Beam internet services (Wi-Fi) and Locations based. 

Beam technology has densed the base line differences between the offline and online  to be it for advertising or in  retail sector line. It is expected to use this technology in Android systems in the coming future days quickly. It has already been selected in iOS . From such internet facilities and services, almost every field of industry is getting more benefits whether it is including in Retail sector, entertainment, advertising of their products, travel and transport, health care, Hospitality tourism, real estate etc.This technology becomes very vast in the coming days and gives more benefits to the users.

Rapidly growing mobile app development and faster development

With the increasing demand for mobile apps, companies are going through a difficult phase in handling all and deliver the services fastly. With the growing demands, Competition increases for the various businesses to provide their services and launch their products faster than anyone else. Now, the main goal for the mobile app developers would be to decrease the development lifecycle and reduces the time gap between formation of app and launch of app. You can forecast to view the various advanced quickly app development tools and as well as their frameworks in the mobile app market. Even now many companies are looking forward to find solutions that can provides to the customer requirements of launching their app faster than anyone else like Swipe Pad, Multi core JIT etc. These solutions for faster mobile app development were initiated with the new idea of providing accurate and consistent value to the customers at every step during developing their app with using their key components containing very quick launches and rapidly reach to the market. Best Mobile apps development in Punjab to core development of complex and extreme apps.

HTML 5 more useful to create hybrid technology

HTML5 will be now gain huge popularity. This technology will be very enlarging and most of the businesses adopt it to create the various hybrid technologies for the mobile apps.Unlike the development of the endemic mobile apps, mobile applications assembled using various hybrid frameworks. It can support multiple platforms and covering a larger area user base will get substantially cheaper. Due to these of the reasons, developers should focus on the hybrid technologies as well as focus on their native apps development lifecycles and ways.

Take benefit of Cloud Technology

With growing cloud technology, it is expected that it will play an essential role in the app development transformation. This will make app developers more focused approaching the ability of accommodating apps developed for various multiple devices. This technology helps the developers to make their functionality that can easily be used on various different devices with using same data and same features. By this technology, developers are offered with the fully complete set of tools for making their apps with proper testing and continuous integration and they can submit their mobile apps directly to the app stores. Many companies are working on cloud-based app development platforms and used it in a very efficient way. This will point to the faster process of development without going to know its deep technical knowledge for those necessary activities.

High Level of Security

You used your mobiles for various multiple purposes like for business purpose, entertainment etc. and all the apps are in the same place and anyone can access the same keen information. So, does your app have a high level of security app? It has no matter of which one app. There have been many reports leads to concerns of users with view of hacking and as per the prophecy. Approximately 70 to 75 percent of mobile apps would not be able to clear or pass even the basic test of security. Hackers will continue with their trend to find about break the securities and hack all the sensitive information. Still, it will remain a huge challenge in large applications. Today days it has become a drastic need  as developers take security issues from their clients like their insecure data storage and leakage of their personal information.

Fully M-Commerce and banking payments

Most of the people made their banking payments and any sales and purchase from their smartphones and they are used to these things now. After survey, it is cleared properly as 19 percent of concerning business sales are coming from the handheld devices such as tablets and from smartphones. Researchers say that this trend will be continues positively as more and more customers are approaching the M-Commerce solutions. It is very common now to transferring money or buy various goods using mobile phones same like as we are commonly used the credit and debit cards. This shows that mobile app developers can develop the more mobile apps so that can process transactions without requiring any physical cards or cash. Companies should have take into the concern of full mobility of an app.

Entertainment with Mobile Gaming

From recent years, there has been a continuous movement observed in the mobile games towards gaming of multi-player gaming. With the increase of such type of games, the integration of social media network within the games and it will become more significant than before. Further, mobile games will become more powerful be used by cloud technology to go along with various different devices playing the same game or to go along with between different users taking part in the same game.

Marketing and advertising within the apps

With the new research, investment on in app advertisements in all the mobile devices will get manifold. Mobile advertisements are not only limited to banners- a various ad formats such as the text, images and videos ads are being collected and experimented now for high advertisement and marketing.  Both the purchases and mobile app advertisements will become a central point and a ladder around success as many mobile app developers are making a shift away from paid download models of apps.The techniques of marketing are also developed continually. In previous years, app marketers were largely emphasis on capturing user attention instead of user engagement. But now the app marketers and app developers have realized the importance of an huge experience for organic users. Organic users are deliberated more engaged and loyal than the users integrated with the multiple paid channels.

Improved business apps

Most of the large enterprises will used the mobile apps for their business purposes.
As per the declaration of IDC, 35 percent of the large enterprises will utilize the mobile application development platforms for building and expanding the mobile apps. This signifies an boom improvement in the business app stores that makes up the internal app ratings, admitting companies to get rid of apps that are not in use and saves the big amount of costs. Many business app stores gathered with the public stores that result into broad approach. Thus, app developers will get an amazing opportunity to work in apps for progressing the mobile market business.

By app analytics and large data, prioritize the user experience

Due to increase the usage of smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, User experience will be escort technology in the future days.App user experience is getting more important than ever. It seems to be like more challenging when advertisements of apps and purchases required to be kept in the mind. Here the data analytics will play a vital role by supporting app developers to made improvements for the user experience. So, it would just not be realistic to separate the outstanding mobile application development from analytics or the large data. Modern enterprises demand for the immediate awareness into real time information that shows the behaviour of their consumers.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology became the blazing topic in the consumer industry of electronics field and its all credit goes to the Apple watch. Most of the wearable devices so far were emphasis on fitness and health. But with the opening of this year 2015, these wearable devices are also expected to be used in business to improve their productivity and efficiency. For detail, there is an explosion among textile industry and the fashion industry about approaching this wearable technology. People can take its more benefits. It can be operated over a cell phone as well as on wearable device.