Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ziffi.com raises Rs 15 crore from Orios Venture Partners

 Ziffi.com is a Mumbai based startup evolves online bookings for doctor’s appointments, beauty salons and for various health tests. It covers over approximately 15,000 doctors and various diagnostic centers for health tests and near about 1,000 salons, and has till date booked of appointmentments over 250,000. DocSuggest becomes Ziffi.com, raises Rs 15 Crore in series a funding from Orios Venture Partners. It operates in the four cities in Delhi, Banglore, Hyderabad and salon bookings in Mumbai only. It has a team of 40 associates who works on this and gives benefits to the clients and make convenient for them.

It was founded in 2010 by IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur alumni Anshuman Pandey, Shantanu Jha and Pushkar Soni. Earlier Ziffi was only emphasis on clinics and doctor appointments; it has also recently intimidated into salons and spas to cover the scale of wellness services.

Ziffi said in the coming 12-18 months there focus will be on enlarging further in the four cities which they are in present. They will set a target of getting 50 percent of the service providers on board the platform. This statement added by Shantanu Jha about expanding his coverage of work. Jha is an IIT Bombay graduate who earlier worked in IT services company Computer Associates. Clinic by choice is also a site like ziffi by Flymedia technology a website development company in India Here all india doctors listed in clinicbychoice.  

He said “The direction we are taking now is to cover the whole wellness and personal care segment as compared to just booking doctor appointments. Ziffi derives from the word “jiffy” , which means in fraction of second and it made sense to rebrand ourselves”.

Ziffi now currently right demanded to have 1.2 million users and accumulates near about 7,000 to 10,000 users in every month. The service offers free to the patients and it take charges a fixed amount to the service provider for each booked query appointment. So clinic by choice is also a same theme eg:- If you want to search Hair Transplant in Mumbai then clinic by choice show you a list of clinics of hair transplant in Mumbai side. 

The Managing Partner of Orios Venture Partner  Khan  who has  earlier invested in several startups, including Olacabs, Reach Accountant said , we approximate guess that there are presently 3 million people at the technology approval cycle in India and ready to use the service and by 2020 this will  wonderfully close to the 100 million of people. Further more, Khan said, his newly set up allocate fund is looking at making more investments He also said  "Internet is the new industrial revolution, and so everything is moving to the internet. If you had to earlier make bookings, you had to make calls, but now it is so much easier "Now that we have launched the fund we hope to be quite active. We are constantly looking at good opportunities. You will hear more from us soon. Our fund investors have asked us to become very active, and this is a very opportune time to do that”.

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