Friday, December 11, 2015

Some Basic Things to Create a Responsive Website Using Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a framework which is based on CSS and JavaScript, and used to develop pages at that fastest speed. It is very flexible and makes your work easier by providing the CSS properties and values by which you simply drag and drop values and use the functions like menus, buttons, images, grid forms, and more JavaScript plug-in.

Bootstrap is considered as the most popular designer framework which is playing a key role in building responsive web design. Responsive websites are too much in trendy because user’s engagement has been increased on the mobile phone for four years. It has increased the mobile app development also. Mobile application is the app which is according to your website and responsive website is the combination WebPages which is looking and working well in mobile phones.

I will share some elements which are helpful in building the responsive web design. 

  • The Responsive Navigation: This is the fixed bar which is at the top of the website. It comprises of title of a website and menus.
  • Marketing Area: This module is same like that we develop in nonresponsive website. With hero-unit class, we will create a div and then place a container and expand that wrapper with h1, p and a link with btn btn-primary classes.
  • Content Section: The method of creating a content section is slightly different from non-responsive WebPages. Modified version of row elements are used to create a responsive web design.
  • Right Sidebar: This is the vertical navigational collection. The method is same as we create in non responsive webpage.
  • Building the Footer: At last, we create a footer same as non responsive website design. It is a simple which contain a horizontal line exactly above the footer. You add information here.

Follow these steps and your responsive webpage would be ready.

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