Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Google Update Their Core Algorithm

Googlers Garry IIIyes, John Mueller and Zineb Ait Bahajji confirmed on the twitter that google has update their core search algorithm past week. On the last week there is massive changes on the search results and every webmaster expected that this is coz of the penguin update that is happen in early this year but google confirmed that this is not penguin update, they did some changes in search core Algorithm.

Although google rarely confirms their core algorithm updates. The last update of the core algorithm they confirmed in May 2015. 

Now all the webmasters now looking for the penguin update that was firstly happen on the last year but it’s delay due to holidays season. But there is lots of webmasters things that this update was the penguin update. Google didn’t announce the date of penguin update. 

If we get more news about this we will update our blog. Keep visit on our blog daily to get the more updates from the google.

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