Friday, January 22, 2016

What Actually the “Core” Algorithm?

So what is the core algorithm why it is saying that panda is the part of Google’s core ranking algorithm. Last week this new update has created the buzz across the SEO market. What exactly it mean to be a part of core algorithm. Google has revealed some information about this update that algorithm is persistent and does not require many changes in future and run by itself. 

Google will not update it often anymore because it is consistent and continuous to work like PageRank runs.  Sometime it is very hard to confirm that it was update or experiment. It is hard to define a Google update because they are not sure that how long it will run and last. Google is uniformly making changes in which some are samples, experiments, larger updates and they don’t have an idea about it that how long it will run and some updates requires changes again and again and some do not require any update and execute once and they work by itself. For instance we have seen that after launched Penguin 3.0, lots of updates of penguin are released and then leave dead for fifteen months.

Whatever the update is you should work with full dedication. Don’t copy the content from other sites. Write your own content which must be unique and fascinating. In today’s SEO market, the whole thing is to give focus on content which must be unique, engaging, solid, and having some context which tell something. Today SEO has become content marketing.

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