Thursday, February 18, 2016

Web Design In India

Get in touch of a reliable website designing company, a trusted unit to meet the specific web design needs in India and other countries. 

A supremely designed website is definitely the crucial requirement for a business person, who tends to establish in the extensive online marketplace and wishes to provide complete satisfaction to his customers. If you are also seeking for the same, then we will offer an economical and specialized website design to ensure the quick growth of your business. With our vast team of experts who are experienced in creatively designing a website to attract the target audience. Clients enjoy our following services:
1.       Static and dynamic website design
2.       Custom design
3.       Commercial web design
4.       Template designing
Our clients take the benefit of our outperforming skills to accomplish their projects excellently in each sort of web designing task. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Your are three steps away to launch your commerce store online

You want to earn extra income or you want to buy more than online e-commerce website is one of the best solutions for you. it has been noticed that in 2014,15.7 % increase in sales on online websites and if we compare in 2015 it is increased by 20% that means a lot of from us using online stores to order our daily needs. So it is one of the best way to purchase and compare the products at our home. 

The main advantage of online store is we can open many websites together and compare their products price.  We can select one of the best according to our need. There is time saving, no need to rush in traffic.
So now let’s discuss how we can open our online store just in three steps. 

 Step 1 – Choosing an Industry and Product

First of all if we want to run successful store than we need to decide that what product we have to select because research is one of the best way to select one of the best products for our website so that we can provide good quality to our user and also we can get maximum profit from products which we are selling online so we need to concentrate first that what kind of products we have to select.

So we need to focus on

a.) price of the product
b.) margin of the product
c.) local availability of the product
d.) shipping size of the product
e.) quality of the product
f.) Availability of the quantity of the product 

So these factors if we research properly I think we can select one of the best products for our commerce website.

Step 2. 

Now the second step is to find Finding Manufactures so that we can select one of the best Products
Now we have decided the products and it’s time to find their manufactures. There are various methods available online 

a.) Google shopping: this is one of the best tool it checks online and it tell us regarding the manufactures of the product which are selling online. Google Shopping is very good tool to know all about the product
b.) Directories

Directories are also one of best way to find the product manufacture so we need to find all the list of manufactures and compare their prices and then select one of the best according to price and quality. 

Step 3:  now the final step is to go for online store 

 We have to build our online store for that we need to go for the domain and hosting first than after purchasing we have to choose the platform for our portal because for development of our website platform is one of the primary things. So various platform available like open cart, magento, wordpress. Because there are many platforms available online which we can use for the building of our website. Selecting the rite platform we can reduce our work and also we can get one of the best management system for our store so we need to get for research for the proper platform or we can hire any IT company for developing good e-commerce portal for us.

Steps involved in developing the website 

1 Website domain and hosting
2. Website designing and development
3. Payment gateway selection and cod selection 

So these steps are involved in e-commerce website development 

So if you carefully read all this and setup your store you can get many orders and earn a lot of income per month by launching your own online store.

Friday, February 5, 2016

For speed up the Mobile web Google introduce the AMP

It is time for Google to introduce the AMP in the market . In the press release in New York Google explores about his new AMP technology where they want to accelerate the Mobile Web. If you are accessing your webmaster than left side of your webmaster you can check for The AMP .

Steps to check after introducing AMP to your site that it is AMP compatible or not ?

1. You have to Fetch as Google
2. When you go for Fetch as Google than it will take two or three days to check your website is AMP compatible or not
3. If there exist errors than it will show in the webmaster

what are the benefits for this?

The major benefit is that Google gives priority to those website which are Amp Based and that is one of the biggest reason that everyone has to consider it and convert their web as soon as possible Into AMP.

Source: Flymedia Technology

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What is App indexing and difference between Mobile App and Mobile Web Browsing

Google App Indexing is a framework that permits individuals to click from postings in Google's list items into applications on their Android and iOS cell phones and tablets. 

Difference between App and web browsing

It's much quicker. It takes a second to dispatch a Mobile App. It can take up to a few minutes for a Mobile Web webpage to stack in a zone with awful gathering. 

Versatile Web Sites are critical yet they don't swap the requirement for Mobile Apps for the accompanying reasons:

Mobile Application
Mobile Web
Function logged off
Enable Push Notifications for Direct Contact with Customers
Always obvious on your telephone's home screen
Not generally obvious
Appear in the Apps Stores
So shouldn't something be said about the advertising application? Here is a rundown of the advantages in disentangled structure.

Applications are famous with entrepreneurs and their clients. With today's business sector going versatile, Apps help you keep pace:

Main Advantages of Business Apps:
  1. Construct connections
  2. Construct faithfulness
  3. Strengthen your image
  4. Expand your perceivability
  5. Expand your openness
  6. Take care of the issue of getting stuck in spam organizers
  7. Expand offer through
  8. Build introduction crosswise over cell phones
  9. Associate you with on-the-go customers
  10. Produce rehash business
  11. Give you devices that are driving the "New App Economy"
  12. Upgrade your long range interpersonal communication methodologies
  13. Advantages for Customers – They'll get:
  14. Simple access to your stock
  15. Warnings of exceptional occasions, dispatches, and the sky is the limit from there
  16. One-touch access to your contact data
  17. Bearings to your area from wherever they are
  18. Quick, consistent arrangement planning
  19. Programmed recording of their next arrangement
  20. Programmed indication of their next overhauling date
  21. A record of their mileage and latest overhauling
  22. Inserted QR Code Scanner
  23. Free one-on-one Chat