Friday, February 5, 2016

For speed up the Mobile web Google introduce the AMP

It is time for Google to introduce the AMP in the market . In the press release in New York Google explores about his new AMP technology where they want to accelerate the Mobile Web. If you are accessing your webmaster than left side of your webmaster you can check for The AMP .

Steps to check after introducing AMP to your site that it is AMP compatible or not ?

1. You have to Fetch as Google
2. When you go for Fetch as Google than it will take two or three days to check your website is AMP compatible or not
3. If there exist errors than it will show in the webmaster

what are the benefits for this?

The major benefit is that Google gives priority to those website which are Amp Based and that is one of the biggest reason that everyone has to consider it and convert their web as soon as possible Into AMP.

Source: Flymedia Technology

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