Thursday, September 29, 2016

3 basic tips for responsive web design

With the record increase in the websites that provide accessibility to the users to view them from the mobile devices has made it quite important that one must have the responsive design for the website or the blog.
Even the Google has added mobile friendliness in the list of SEO so it has become more fundamental for the business pr company to have responsive design for the website.
Here are the few tips for the responsive designs of websites

1.    Start with effective branding

Website design should be accordingly that it could communicate your brand’s persona, values and voice effectively. Make sure that your brand could reach to everyone and people know it and understand its values

2.    Perfect page loading time
Digital users don’t like ti wait till the page get load so your website design should be appropriate that could reduce the user waiting time before they switch to another page

3.   Effective content strategy

Content is considered as the king so your strategy for the content management must be effective as it comes in the first like for the responsive web design . So post manage the content according to the expectations of the users and make sure that it is delivering th4 correct message and information that user look for and even you could up date it regularly.
For the best user experience you must consider the changed forms of content as along with the text content user like to see images, audio and videos.

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