Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Website Design Inspiration: Some of the Best Homepage Designs

We won't waste time and will start off with a list to introduce you to some of the best website home page designs and reasons why they are the best :


Why Is It Good : 

- Gorgeous HomePage
- It Gives you the option to search where and when at the homepage
- Search is smart if you are logged in it will automatically fill itself


Why Is It Good : 

- Simplistic
- Animation that interests you
- Sub Heading that gives enough information about what site is

3. Whitehouse.gov

Why Is It Good : 

- Handling all the information for American Government
- Dynamic Homepage changes from time to time
- Easy to find everything you need


Why Is It Good : 

- Rich Colours, their signature green color
- A Simple Headline 

5.  Basecamp

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