Monday, December 12, 2016

4 Tips to Hire a Great Web Developer

The hiring of a webs developer can be your most critical step because he is the only person that will create the front face of your business and allow your customers to interact with it.

Therefore, it is very important to find out the best and right talent for your business. Otherwise, you can face the risk and the time and money that you can spend can be considered as wastage.

Here are five tips that can help you in the selection of the great web developer:

•    First hire for DNA first, then for work experience

Always go for the DNA first, while experience is also important but the larger predictor of the success is his innate DNA. Think twice that whether he will fit for you? Normally the developers working in larger companies are not the best starters because they are lack of versatility, adaptability, risk-taking and a self-starter personality which are essential for the startup.

•    Try with new developer starting with small project

When you have chosen your ideal developer, then you should start with small or some non-critical project. This will allow you to observe his actions towards your projects. You can check out his efficiency to deliver products. Conclude your decision on the basis of his creativity and how perfect he was in communicating the problems.

•    Do not pick a developer with a particular skill, prefer with aptitude

It is always better to hire a developer who can learn the technology very easily rather than he must have the knowledge for some specific technology. You can ask following questions about what programming languages he have learned recently or what are his favorite technology conferences.

•    Hire slow, Fire fast

It’s good that you are taking your time to hire a person but if whenever you found that he is not working properly, fire him as fast as you can. An inefficient web developer can disturb your all teamwork and hence entire project.

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