Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What Google wants to hear about Link-Building for SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not the thing that needs the knowledge to focus only on ranking algorithm but is it also requires a significant attention. If the strategies are not implemented in a proper way then it can also end up your ideas rather than provide more benefits.

One of the vulnerable tactics to this is the link-building strategy where the building of too many bad links or doing manipulative practices can make you the victim in from of Google or you can get a Google penalty.
But however, the link-building process is the highest best-related factor that is related to search engines. In order to get the high ranking, you have to get good links in the high range.

For links, you can two options i.e. either you can hope or pray that people could link to your content or you can get links yourself.

Google in a nutshell:
There are basically two algorithms that are involved in evaluating the ranking procedure: relevance and authority. Relevance measures the degree that how the website is appropriate to the user’s query whereas authority measures the degree that how much the site trustworthy is.

Page and Domain Authority:
Authority is divided into two categories: domain authority and page authority. Domain authority measures the ranking of the whole website and page authority goes with the ranking of the particular page.

The Link Factor:
Link factor is all about passing the link from one website to another. Take an example that if you point a link to your latest blog post then the authority will be given to both i.e. the page and the domain.

So you need to build links in a natural way rather than with manipulative practices in order to avoid Google’s penalty. But if you go with best SEO Company in India then you can get best practices for your website.

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