Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is Important and Which Web Development Companies are Providing it

AMP which is also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages is the markup language which is introduced on October 7, 2015. Every search engine supports it because it provides the fastest results in mobile and it helps to take only 2-3 seconds for a heavy website to load. This is the revolution in mobile search rankings. After the release of this All the major websites changing their simple HTML with AMP markup. Major search engines announce the website who will have AMP markup in their website will rank first then other responsive mobile friendly websites. From that Day to this day lot of website accepted AMP markup and new webmaster is creating new websites in this markup.

India is an ocean of IT companies every In India there are hundreds of IT companies open and Still, there are only some companies who are ranking first because of their advanced techniques and high-class service. Flymedia Technology is one of them It is Ludhiana-based Web Development Company who provided the latest website with latest design structure and languages.